Sunday, April 12, 2015

Convergence: Nightwing/Oracle #1 (DC)

writer: Gail Simone

artist: Jan Duursema

This Convergence spin-off hearkens back to Chuck Dixon's Nightwing and Birds of Prey, and the days when Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon seemed like they were always on the verge of a full-blown relationship.

That's great and all, but Dick has actually had a lot of those relationships.  Another of them was with Huntress, which is playing out again in the pages of Grayson.

What to make of seeing the Nightwing/Oracle version arguably for the first time playing out in its own spotlight, which is the real story here?  The writer is Gail Simone, who has a loyal fan following, which I'm not so much a part of, because she tends to lose focus after excellent starts.  For a two-issue series she ought to have every reason to stay sharp, so I'm not worried about Simone.  She puts the focus on Babs, the once and future Batgirl, who provides the voice for the captions.  By the end of the issue, Babs seems to have completely reversed herself, revealing her full hackers' fury.  But the thing is, the whole story also spotlights why her relationship with Dick has never worked.  Which is disappointing?  Because isn't Convergence supposed to be an orgasm of wish-fulfillment?  Except maybe Simone gets it exactly right.  There's still one more issue, after all.

The recap of previous Dick/Babs moments reads like a true hodgepodge connecting dots that are not necessarily there.  Which is perhaps why something like this comic was necessary after all.

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